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The Best Scary Podcasts (2019)

Do you like creepy stories that'll make you jump at all the bumps in the night? We've found the best scary story podcasts and play them all in Radio Fear. Just listen in the Scout FM apps or ask your Alexa to "open Radio Fear." Tune in for new episodes every day.

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Curated by Cara Meverden

Fan of podcasts, movies, TV, and random pieces of trivia. Dog lover and software maker.

1. Lore

Apr 15, 2019
Of all the parts of life, one of the darkest parts is loss. Which is why mourning is the playground for all sorts of powerful folklore.
2. Last Podcast On The Left

Apr 17, 2019
This week's true crime stores: a man exposes himself to a horse, girl bites dog, VeggieTales erotica, and more.
3. And That's Why We Drink

Apr 14, 2019
The Haunted Pfister Hotel
A look at the Haunted Pfister Hotel. And the Watcher House of Westfield New Jersey.
4. Spooked

Oct 25, 2018
The Night Whistler
Making the best of living in a haunted house. Nothing bad could happen if she made friends with the ghost… right?
5. Something Scary

Apr 16, 2019
Shoot The Messenger
Have you ever received a message that you thought you were better off never knowing?
6. The NoSleep Podcast

Apr 14, 2019
"The Red Harvest" and "The Ghost Men Project"
Tales about the darkness found in art, science, and nature.
7. Bone and Sickle

Apr 18, 2019
Possessed Nuns and Holy Demoniacs
Finding the Devil where you’d least expect him: stories of possessed nuns and demonic attacks on the rigorously devout.
8. Haunted Places

Apr 18, 2019
Banff Springs Hotel
The Banff Springs Hotel is one of Canada’s preeminent luxury hotels. However, some people who stay, never seem to leave.
9. Casefile True Crime

Mar 23, 2019
Belanglo (Part 1)
The Hume Freeway is one of the busiest interstate routes in Australia.
10. Extraterrestrial

Why do we think we aren’t alone? Extraterrestrial explores tales of alien encounters. Millions of people claim to have seen alien life, but no one can confirm any of it.

Apr 9, 2019
Dulce Base Part 1: Tin Foil Car
New Mexico Highway patrolman Gabe Valdez got more than he bargained for when responding to a cattle rancher's call in June 1976.
12. The Other Stories | Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, WTF Stories

13. The Apex & The Abyss

Apr 13, 2019
The Bloody Benders
The old saying, "The family that plays together stays together," can have a darker meaning.
14. Tales

Tales presents ancient fairy tales the way they were originally told: orally, and unadulterated.

15. The Best of Coast to Coast AM

The Best of Coast to Coast AM podcast, hosted by George Noory. A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena.

16. Unexplained Mysteries

Don’t take “we don’t know” for an answer. Unexplained Mysteries investigates the greatest mysteries of history and life on earth, because the answer “we don’t know” is always the scariest.

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