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The Best Podcasts about Music (2019)

Ever wonder how music is made and why it is the way it is? Music is more than what makes it onto the record or on the air. We've found all of the best Music podcasts and are playing all of the latest episodes in Music Talk Radio in the Scout FM apps.

Curated by Deanna Chapman

Host of Welcome to Geekdom and Chat Sematary. Podcast editor for the Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast.

1. Song Exploder

Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.

Oct 16, 2019
Raphael Saadiq, Kings Fall
Raphael Saadiq is a Grammy-winning songwriter, producer, and artist. He breaks down the song Kings Fall from his latest album.
2. Switched On Pop

What makes pop songs so catchy? Musicologist Nate Sloan & songwriter Charlie Harding pull back the curtain on how pop hits work their magic on our ears & our culture. You’ll fall in love with music you didn’t even know you liked.

Oct 15, 2019
A Brief History of Men Singing Really High
Men singing high is so ubiquitous in modern pop that we might take it granted, never pausing to ask: has it always been this way?
3. Tiny Desk Concerts

Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR Music feature your favorite musicians performing at All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's desk in the NPR office. Hear Wilco, Adele, Passion Pit, Tinariwen, Miguel, The xx and many more.

Oct 16, 2019
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift settled in for a stripped down set at the Tiny Desk.
4. All Songs Considered

Hosts/nerds Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton are your friendly music buddies with the week's best new music discoveries, including conversations with emerging artists, icons and more.

Oct 17, 2019
Social Media And The Birth Of Stan Culture
A look back at the past decade in music, including social media and the rise of superfans.
5. Broken Record with Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin

From Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, and Bruce Headlam. The musicians you love talk about their life, inspiration, and craft. Then play.

Oct 15, 2019
Yola's Walk Through Fire
After years honing her craft in the UK Yola finally lands with her beautiful album, "Walk Through Fire."
6. On Shuffle

A show about the music we're listening to right now

7. Heat Rocks

Scorching guests and sizzling records: join music writer Oliver Wang and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes each week as they invite their favorite artists, critics and scholars for in-depth conversations about the albums that shape our lives.

Oct 10, 2019
Whitney Houston's "My Love Is Your Love" (1998)
It was supposed to be a greatest hits record, but it became a full-on album.
8. The Soundtrack Show

The Soundtrack Show is a weekly look at film scores and soundtracks for some of the most popular movies, TV Shows, Video Games and Theater pieces of all time.

Oct 16, 2019
Danny Elfman: from Boingo to Beetlejuice
Danny Elfman's origin story is as fascinating as his music.
9. Cool Playlist

On “Cool Playlist”, host Eliza Skinner and a guest create a playlist for a specific life event, moment, or occasion.

Aug 16, 2019
Living On A Tour Bus with Adam Conover
Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything lived on a bus when he was touring the country. So it's time for a bus tour playlist.
10. Live from Here

Highlights from Live from Here, the public radio variety show hosted by mandolinist Chris Thile. Each week, download Chris’s brand-new Song of the Week and Tom Papa’s report for Out in America.

Oct 17, 2019
Tom Papa, Out In America: Milwaukee
Tom Papa visits Milwaukee for Oktoberfest, samples some spicy breakfast chili, and chats with a waitress named Denise.
11. Washed Up Emo

Join Tom Mullen for a look back at when emo was an unknown word, its relevance now and speaks to those deeply involved with the emo/punk/hardcore/post-hardcore scene.

12. 100 Words Or Less: The Podcast

Host Ray Harkins dives deep with creators of independent culture from musicians, artists and other interesting people to find out what inspires them, how they came to be and many other unexpected places.

13. Celebration Rock

Rock Critic Steven Hyden ("Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me", "Twilight Of The Gods") talks with rock stars and the country’s biggest music writers about what’s happening in rock.

Dec 17, 2018
Favorite Albums of 2018
What were the best albums of 2018?
14. Inside the Studio

Nov 19, 2018
Garth Brooks
The inspiration behind Garth Brooks's latest release, The Anthology Part III Live.
15. Lead Singer Syndrome

What is it like to be the lead singer of a band? Shane Told, frontman of the critically-acclaimed rock band Silverstein, brings you candid interviews with all of your favorite singers on this podcast. Is it really all sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll?

16. Bottom of the Map

Dope women taking hip-hop conversation in a new direction. Join Christina Lee and Dr. Regina N. Bradley for a passionate exploration of Southern hip-hop culture.

17. The Rhino Podcast

The official Rhino Podcast, featuring deep dives into classic artists and albums, interviews with your favorite musicians, and lots of juicy behind-the-scenes stories about your favorite music.

18. George Ezra & Friends

Honest, long form conversations between two musicians, the unquestionable highs of creating and performing, alongside honesty regarding things they have struggled with along the way.

19. Punch Up The Jam

Every week, comedians/best friends Miel Bredouw and Demi Adejuyigbe attempt to fix a popular song despite absolutely no qualifications.

20. Fahim Anwar Dance Hour

Talking happens between songs. A talking sandwich if you will. Sometimes there'll be guests. Sometimes there won't. But there will always be...dancing.

21. Beyond The Pond

Welcome to Beyond The Pond! We’re two massive Phish fans who are using the music of Phish to introduce you to new and interesting music we think you’ll love! Because we love the Phish.

22. Analyze Phish

Harris and Scott are comedians, music lovers, and friends. Where do they differ? Harris loves Phish, and Scott does not. On Analyze Phish, Harris navigates the vast landscape of Phish's catalogue.

23. Who Cares About the Rock Hall

A podcast about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hosted by comedians Joe Kwaczala and Kristen Studard. He's a long-time devotee. She's a skeptic.

24. Stalking Time for the Moon Boys

David Baddiel and his mate Tim Hincks talk all things David Bowie. They spin out from there to anything and everything that’s funny, quizzical, and vaguely related to Bowie, or music, or their own mid-life crises.

25. Icons

Intimate, incredible conversations with the most famous creators and artists of our time. Learn the backstories (and secrets) about where they came from, how they got here, and what’s next.

26. Talkhouse

Talkhouse is writing and conversations about music and film, from the people who make them.

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