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What is better to listen to while you cook, than shows about food? You cook food, you eat food, you dream about food.... now you can listen to the best radio shows and podcasts from your favorites like The Eater and America's Test Kitchen. Turn on Scout FM to listen to Food Talk Radio next time you are cooking a five course feast, or prepping lunch for the kids.

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Food Talk, like all of our stations, has the best radio shows the internet has to offer. We’ve found experts and aficionados to judge what’s great and what’s not, and stay on top of all the important trends. You’ll always find the best, and only the best, here.

Deema Tamimi
Food Talk Curator
Techie + foodie with a love for media + storytelling. I have 6 chickens, live in an eco-village, love diversity and am happiest when feeding people.
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Dec 10, 2018
A Brief History Of American Barbecue
Dec 7, 2018
Testing Edibles
America's Test Kitchen tests out cooking with cannabis.
Dec 4, 2018
Souring on Sweet: The Great Soda Wars, Part 1
Why are politicians and scientists targeting soda? Why have most attempts to pass soda taxes failed? And do these taxes even work?
Dec 9, 2018
Sweet Chestnuts
Sweet chestnuts are good for so much more than roasting on an open fire.
Dec 7, 2018
Chocolate Fountains and Mac and Cheese for 5,000 People
Success in the food biz doesn't happen overnight. Todays guest took a circuitous path, and ate a lot of food along the way.
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