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September 4, 2019

YFT 067: Donkey Balls

Your Favorite Thing — September 4, 2019

YFT 067: Donkey Balls

This week on YFT, Brandi is back in Nashville dog-sitting three dogs for Miley, including a small one by the super creative name 'Little Dog', and Wells is hungover and feels/looks like hot garbage. Though Brandi is sad because of Michiel’s departure, she was able to get some good DD before he left, and they had an amazing time glamping in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, especially seeing the Large Tits (direct translation for "Grand Tetons"). Wells is basically now the Bonus Bonus Jonas after spending time in New York with the Jo Bros, while also sweating profusely while meeting Jay-Z, and learning how to make marriage last from the one-and-only Dr Phil Wells and Brandi debate the grossness (yet perfection) of American cheese, what’s up with the big-toe heel fashion trend, the many actual reasons behind why horses have hairstyles, and the crazy story behind Wells' new love of donkeys and their balls.

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